In Honor of the TWTR IPO: 4 Parody Videos

Twitter logoBy now you know that TWTR will begin trading tomorrow on the NYSE having raised almost $2 billion (or more than $2 billion according to some). This values the company at more than $18 billion.  Twitter will earn more than $520 million in revenue this year, perhaps 70% from mobile.

Yet various bearish questions are being asked:

  • Can the service broaden its appeal and become more mainstream?
  • Have user growth and momentum already slowed?
  • Can Twitter grow revenues sufficient to justify its market cap?

Let’s put those questions aside for the moment and enjoy these four parody videos, which are very amusing. The first is from the period before Twitter became a source of news and was perceived solely as a narcissistic bullhorn:

The second parodies the movie The Social Network but uses Twitter as the network in question.

The next one, which I’ve featured several times, depicts a mock competitor — a more abbreviated version of Twitter called Fluttr:

The most interesting of the group is arguably the first, which was made before the others. It reflects early opinions and criticism of Twitter.

Here’s a bonus video: The Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake “hashtag conversation.” Compare it to the first one. It reflects the degree to which Twitter and “hastags” have become part of the mainstream popular culture even if only 20% of Americans use the service.

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