Google Maps App Falls from 5th to 8th Place

google-maps-iphone-iconGoogle Maps was the number one app in the US until Apple introduced its own maps, however flawed they initially were. Since that time Apple Maps have had meaningful usage on the iPhone. Despite this Google Maps has remained one of the top five apps in the US according to comScore.

The top app is Facebook.

Google Maps fell to eighth (8th) place in September after having been at number five for several months. Apple Maps had been number 10 but fell this month to 11th place (bumped by Instagram). Pandora also moved up several places in the rankings.

Here’s mobile ranking data from July 2013:

comscore smartphone data July

Now here’s the top 15 apps for September 2013:

comscore smartphone data Sept

What do you think might be going on? Are fewer people using Google Maps? That would seem strange given Android’s platform dominance. Or do you think Google Maps’ decline reflects growth of iPhones in the US and the shift to Apple’s mapping platform?

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