DudaMobile Launches White Label Platform, Shares Engagement Stats

Aduda logo couple of weeks ago I caught up with Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO of DudaMobile. He briefed me on the launch of DudaWhite the company’s white-label reseller platform. Duda is working with GoDaddy and Dreamhost in this capacity. It also has a long-standing relationship with Google to mobilize SMB sites.

The company also launched an API this past week for partners.

For a time responsive web design threatened to entirely supplant dedicated mobile sites. However more recently many people have cast doubt on the wisdom of responsive design. Google likes it because it only has to crawl a site once. But there are many drawbacks that together should give business owners and publishers some pause before they reflexively implement responsive design.

DudaMobile claims that it has mobile-enabled more than 5 million websites at this point. Most of those qualify as very small businesses. The company conducted an online survey recently among 13,000 of its “premium” customers (those who pay). It found that 75% of those customers had 10 employees or fewer:

Duda SMB survey

The vast majority (87.5%) of these businesses did not have a mobile presence prior to adopting the Duda solution. However 77% of these respondents said that their websites were “hugely important” (highest ranking) to their businesses.

Most of these respondents perceived that mobile site creation was going to be complex, expensive and/or time consuming. Those were inhibiting factors. They also didn’t know “who” to use to build their mobile sites.

Below are some aggregate data Sadan shared with me about consumer-user interactions with SMBs on Duda’s platform (September only):

  • 900K click-to-calls
  • 400K click-to-maps
  • 120K clicks on the OpenTable reservation widget

The question to ask is: would these “conversions” have occurred — or perhaps more accurately what percentage of them would have occurred? — in the absence of a mobile site? This also confirms that click to call is a critical feature of any mobile site and one of the primary ways that consumers are going to “convert” from a smartphone.

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  2. Chris Brake says at

    I agree that mobile is hugely important – but the challenge with standalone mobile site services (such as Duda) is that they are only really effective if the SMB gets the required re-direct code into their main website. And given that many SMBs find it hard (or expensive) to get any changes made to their sites (or are too busy), I suspect that this is often not done. The stat I would be really interested to know from Duda is what % of those 5 million mobile websites have successfully implemented the redirect code on their main website. That is key.

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    Don’t know I can ask duda however.

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    Asked them. We’ll see what the response is. I bet they set it up.

  5. Greg Sterling says at

    From DudaMobile CEO Itai Sadan: “Duda has a very high percentage of its sites redirected (over 85% from the 5 million). The reason for this high percentage is that a large portion of our sites come through partnerships (GoDaddy etc.). In each one of these partnerships  we have automated the placement of the redirect code, so that the SMB doesn’t need to do it or even be aware of it.”

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