Yelp: 62% of Searches Coming from Mobile

Yelp logoA little while ago Yelp announced Q3 revenue and earnings. Results were mixed. The company posted strong revenue growth but missed analysts’ consensus earnings estimates.

The company reported revenues of $61.2 million in Q3, which represented 68% growth vs. a year ago. However there was a loss of $2.3 million (4 cents per share), up from $2 million a year ago. Higher sales and marketing expenses were blamed.

The stand-out statistic from the release was this: 62% of searches on Yelp were from mobile devices. In addition, “46% of local ads were shown on mobile devices.”

Sources of Yelp revenue

Yelp Q3

Below are some other highlights from the earnings release:

  • Number of reviews: 47.3 million
  • Global monthly uniques: 117 million
  • Active local business accounts: 57,20o
  • Total number of Yelp markets: 111

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.18.19 PM

Separately Yelp reported on its annual Business Owner Summit. The company cited the following tools, developments and capabilities as having been generated through input and feedback from the Yelp Small Business Advisory Council:

  • Yelp Metrics were launched to help business owners track customer leads
  • Business owner review comments are now visible on mobile
  • We developed a free Revenue Estimate tool to calculate the value of leads from Yelp
  • Yelp hosted 40 workshops for business owners in cities across the US and Canada with more on the way for our international audience
  • The customer activity feed was created to track when and how Yelp drives customers to businesses
  • More performance based advertising options were rolled out

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4 Responses to “Yelp: 62% of Searches Coming from Mobile”

  1. Shane Balas says at

    Great article Greg. The statistic “46% of local ads were being shown on local” is going to be a key factor for local visibility in the future. Managing your online and mobile business listings, as well as strategic local advertising, can turn out to be the main factors in a small business’s local success. 

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Agree; having a complete mobile strategy (and effective execution) will be extremely important for business owners. 

  3. Faith Warren says at

    Timely article Greg, thanks.  I think many business owners know a good presence on review sites is important but don’t necessarily understand the value of targeting local customers with mobile using Yelp.  I’m glad to see Yelp rolling out features that make it easier for businesses to track leads and their sources.  As people see mobile leads turning into customers, they’ll be more inclined to invest in a mobile advertising strategy.

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    Most SMBs have little or no understanding of the role that significant mobile is playing with consumers. See:

  5. Local Digital Media with Greg Sterling - Max Minzer says at

    […] – Yelp: 62% of searches coming from mobile. Some visuals here. […]

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