Retailigence Powers Reserve for In-Store Pickup (in Mobile Ads)

Retailigence logoRetailigence has introduced a novel feature for mobile advertising: the ability for consumers to reserve products within an ad (or landing page) for in-store pickup:

Much like online reservation systems for the restaurant industry, the Retailigence platform allows consumers to make reservations for retail products via the Retailigence in-app interface, retailer shopping apps or the retailer’s own site.  However, unlike other solutions, the Retailigence solution is pre-connected to billions of dollars of demand through the entire Retailigence appNET ecosystem of third party mobile shopping apps.

The data and functionality can be presented in any number of ways by mobile publishers or developers.

Since March of this year Retailigence has been showcasing local product availability in mobile display ads via its API. This adds a new piece of functionality to that existing content — in store pickup.

Retailigence product inventory

The company works with more than 300 retailers and offers a database of 11 million products from 100,000 store locations. Initially the entire product inventory database and group of stores won’t be participating in the program.

It’s not clear how these ads will perform, and whether consumers will respond to the reserve for in store pickup functionality. However the real-time inventory ads have reportedly performed very well according to Retailigence and outperformed traditional mobile display advertising.

This is yet another example (of which there have been a lot lately) of a “closed loop” linkage between the digital and offline worlds. Yesterday Google announced a similar, real-time inventory offering: Local PLAs. However the Google product doesn’t offer the reserve for in-store pickup capability.

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