Demand for iPhone 5C Strong in HK, UK

Pre-orders on the iPhone 5C began yesterday. In the US market the September 20 ship dates haven’t “slipped.” But elsewhere demand appears to be heavy.

iPhone 5C

In the UK demand is apparently “huge”:

Scott Hooton, Chief Commercial Officer at Phones 4u has described demand for the new phones to be ‘phenomenal’ and easily outstrips that for the Apple iPhone 5.

He also points out that it is the young – 18-30 year olds who are keenest on the new mobiles, which hints that the 5C gamble might be about to deliver some pretty impressive returns.

In Hong Kong the yellow iPhone 5C has sold out its initial batch:

Following pre-orders going live today for Apple’s new iPhone 5c, shipping times for the yellow, unlocked model of the device have just slipped from the expected delivery date of September 20 to “available to ship by 9/25.” That’s only for the 16GB model of the device . . .

We’ll see early next week if Apple makes an announcement about the number of 5Cs sold.

Postscript: Last night I was with a family friend and his daughter. The daughter was pleading with the father for an iPhone 5C. The father was less enthusiastic.

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