Webinar: Tracking Mobile Ad Impact on Store Visits

LogosThe offline impact of digital ads has always been elusive. Marketers track online conversions largely because they can’t track consumers into stores — where more than 94% of buying happens. But by ignoring the offline conversions much is missed and true ROI is obscured.

Online conversions are just a fraction of “online-to-offline” sales. I recently calculated that internet-influenced local buying is roughly 10x e-commerce.

A number of companies, including Placed, PlaceIQ, uSamp, 4Info/Catalina and others, are now making it possible to track how online/mobile ads directly impact offline consumer behavior. (Facebook is doing a lot of this also.)

The implications are dramatic for digital media and marketers across the board.

Join me, Placed CEO David Shim and xAd VP Monica Ho to discuss how new measurement tools let agencies, brands and marketers go beyond CTR to understand mobile advertising’s impact on store visits. Placed has developed a “Nielsen panel for the real world” and xAd is starting to use it on client campaigns.

This Free webcast is Tuesday, September 10th, 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT. On it we’ll discuss:

  • The market trend toward closed-loop measurement
  • How offline panel measurement works
  • What new insights are now available to marketers, publishers and networks
  • Why offline ROI measurement is a key to shifting more ad budgets to digital
  • A just-completed case study on mobile-to-store measurement

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