Everything You Wanted to Know about Indoor Location but Were Afraid to Ask

Place logoTomorrow at 1 Eastern/10 Pacific Jon Rosen and I will be presenting a free webinar on indoor location. It’s one of several Opus Research is doing in the lead up to the Place Conference in October.

Jon is EVP with with WirelessWerx/iInside. The company is run by Jim Riesenbach, a veteran of local and AOL. Rosen was at WebVisible, SpotRunner and AOL and knows the local space inside and out — so to speak. However what iInside is doing is retail/venue analytics.

Most people hear the term “indoor location” and they think simply of maps and blue dots. But indoor location is about much more, with broad implications for the entire digital marketing landscape. Tomorrow Jon and I will be talking about those implications and why people in local and digital marketers generally need to pay attention and understand the space.

On the webinar we’ll talk about:

  • The indoor location technologies in use today (what’s more accurate, how widely penetrated?)
  • What data can be captured and are (in fact) being captured?
  • Specific retail and merchant use cases
  • Consumer willingness to share indoor location
  • Consumer privacy considerations
  • Venue adoption and market timelines
  • Mobile ad tracking and attribution

The early bird rate expired last week. However those who attend the webinar get access to a discount code for $200 off on conference registration.

Register for the free webcast.

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