Facebook: Most of Our 1 Million Advertisers Are SMBs

Facebook PlacesIn honor of Small Business Week, Facebook’s Dan Levy appeared at a panel discussion in New York yesterday and announced that the company had “one million active advertisers (meaning has advertised in the past 28 days).”

This accomplishment was attributed by the company “in large part due to the small businesses growing their businesses online and in their local communities via Facebook.”

Here are some additional local/SMB stats revealed at the event:

  • There are more than two billion connections between local businesses and people
  • In an average week, there are over 645 million views of, and 13 million comments on, local business Facebook Pages
  • Approximately 70% of monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to a local business on Facebook

Earlier this year Facebook said that there were 16 million local business Pages (globally) on the site. Facebook didn’t reveal what percentage of its million advertisers are SMBs but the clear suggestion is that most of them are. Facebook has also never said what percentage of the 16 million local Pages are in North America vs. Europe and ROW.

What percentage of Facebook advertisers do you think are SMBs? And do you think most of them “technically qualify” as SMBs (under 99 headcount) but are otherwise more savvy or do you think Facebook is really on the path to “cracking the code”?

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5 Responses to “Facebook: Most of Our 1 Million Advertisers Are SMBs”

  1. Werribee Lanscaping says at

    Is this by volume of advertisers or by actual advertising spend?

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    By volume 

  3. Werribee Lanscaping says at

    Well that’s pretty self evident then. Obviously there are more SMB’s in the world than Fortune 500 companies.

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    Two responses — yes, it’s just a numbers questions. But also . . . getting SMB advertisers w/o an aggressive sales outreach is impressive. FB may be the first internet company to have accomplished something like this at this scale. 

  5. Werribee Lanscaping says at

    Ah that’s a good point Greg.

    Its a great example of how SMB’s are actually real people, and if Facebook is able to get 1 Billion real people interacting with their social network each month, then this is a good step towards helping those people that own SMB’s actually understand how to set up their own business profile on Facebook.

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