The New Yahoo Search: Will You Use It?

Yahoo logoThis morning Yahoo rolled out a new search UI. CEO Marissa Mayer was in charge of the Google homepage and search UI for years. Results are new easier to read and less “compressed.” The page overall feels “lighter.”

Yahoo has also moved search results higher up on the page. And the page is faster to load.

Navigational tabs that used to reside under the search bar (e.g., images, video, shopping) have been moved above the search bar and are now simple links. This is a new design for a more consistent Yahoo-wide navigation across its various properties.

For a quick comparison of the various search UIs, here are the three major SERPs for “sushi San Francisco” (click images to enlarge):

New Yahoo search UI

Google sushi

Bing sushi

Yahoo and Bing of course use the same index. But Yahoo’s page now looks cleaner and less cluttered in my view. Indeed, the new Yahoo search represents a meaningful improvement over the previous UI. But will it solidify and grow Yahoo search usage? Would it prompt you to start using Yahoo again?

I believe that ongoing useability improvements could help Yahoo regain some share in the US, which it has largely lost to partner Bing.

search market share US March 2013

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3 Responses to “The New Yahoo Search: Will You Use It?”

  1. Eric Marshall says at

    I agree that the new Yahoo UI looks nice, but I still won’t be using Yahoo to search anytime soon. No matter how good the search UI looks, in order to search I still get bombarded with celebrity gossip, obnoxious ads and fake “trending now” stories.

  2. Jeffrey Magner says at

    I always search on Yahoo to see how “off” they are compared to Google’s search results. In this example, Yahoo is showing the non-optimized home page of Ozumo San Francisco as the #1 organic search result. Google has the Ozumo dining/menu’s page listed at about #130 and this is probably because the word “sushi” actually appears in the Page title tag of this page.

    Yahoo has made me completely skeptical and cynical of their products. I don’t trust Yahoo. Do you? I spend my days learning more and more about how the Google algorithm works and how to rank my clients on Google, so I take one look at this bizarro top ranking for sushi and my guess is that someone at Yahoo is getting some free lunches over at Ozumo.

    You think I’m crazy? Do a search for “sushi Oakland” and tell me what you see? Why on earth would the non-optimized intro page for the Ozumo website rank as the #3 search result? What rules is this following? This same page is not in the top 300 organic results on Google.


  3. Kris Castner says at

    Nice post! My only qualm is that it looks better because Mayer basically “paraphrased” Google if you will. Just as re-phrasing what someone has already written is essentially re-inventing the same (or a very similar) wheel, masking the Yahoo-ness of Yahoo by shrouding it in Google-esque formats doesn’t seem very inventive, eh? Plus Im sure their “older” demographic is getting ticked off at all the constant changes to the interface- making AOL look fantastic! 🙂

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