Find&Save Parent Adds $9M to Its Coffers

Wanderful logoOnline local shopping platform Wanderful Media announced $9 million in additional funding today, from existing backers. The total raised to date is $36 million. The company is backed by a consortium of newspaper publishers and media companies.

Wanderful’s objective is to reinvent the newspaper circular as a digital shopping discovery experience in an effort to drive online (and mobile) consumers into stores. E-commerce isn’t on the menu at this point.


Wanderful’s consumer-facing site is Find&Save. Mobile apps are due this summer.

Among the features of the forthcoming mobile apps is the ability to take a picture of a product in the print circular with your smartphone and automatically add it to your wish list in the app. There will also be geofenced notifications, so when you approach a store with an on-sale product on your list you’ll get an alert.

The company also has high-hopes for shopping via tablet, which would more closely resemble the print “discovery” or browse experience of the newspaper product.

The data are from newspapers, via ShopLocal (Gannett is a Wanderful backer). However there are other third party data providers — Goodzer among them.

For more information about the company’s strategy and product plans, see my earlier discussion of the relaunch of Find&Save.

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