Ohio the Rudest State in US, South Carolina Most Polite

It’s National Etiquette Week; did you know that? And in keeping with demographically oriented analyses and infographics this morning, here’s some information on the most polite and rudest states in the US — as reflected by swearing and “potty mouth” conversation.

Rudest states

Marchex performed an analysis on “more than 600,000 phone calls placed from consumers to businesses across 30 industries . . .. between May 2012 and May 2013.” It “scanned for curse words” and identified the states where people were more and least likely to swear.

Ohioans were the most likely to curse and Washington residents were the least likely according to the analysis. On the polite scale (“please and thank you”), South Carolina ranked as the “most courteous” state, while Wisconsin was the least courteous according to Marchex.

Most polite states

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20 Responses to “Ohio the Rudest State in US, South Carolina Most Polite”

  1. Jody Resnick says at


    I grew up in Ohio and think this is fu*king bullsh*t 🙂

  2. Greg Sterling says at


  3. Peniel Cronin says at

    So, folks in Louisianna to courteous cursers? And those durn Ohioans are not only potty-mouthed but rude?  ☺

  4. Neal says at

    I agree with Jody – people born in Ohio are very polite! 

  5. Terry Wall says at

    Hey Greg, I’M from Ohio–specifically, Oberlin, one of the biggest bastions (Oberlin College) of [**BLEEP**] liberalism in the country! We pride ourselves on our [**BLEEP**] gentility, and I want to meet the son-of-a-[**BLEEP**] at Marchex who compiled this [**BLEEP**] [**BLEEP**]!!

  6. Greg Sterling says at

    🙂 You do raise the question of the accuracy of the study, which I have no ability to second guess.

  7. Cory Grassell says at

    I challenge anyone to visit Wisconsin and leave feeling like he/she has been in the country’s least-courteous state. (There’s a wheel of cheese on the line, if you win.)

  8. EN says at

    I’m a PA native who has lived in Ohio for nearly a decade & can assure you this is not a bit surprising!! I have always considered the individuals that live here to be less than friendly, and exceptionally less than intelligent as well…this may pay a part! hah! 

  9. E. Nicce says at

    oops! *play 😉

  10. Barry says at

    I do not agree with this map. I have lived in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, and people in Pennsylvania are much more rude than people in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma people usually do not cuss, however people in Pennsylvania say a cuss word after every word. I also find people in Ohio nicer than people in Pa.

  11. Winky says at

    Does this help to explain why people from Ohio will not get out of the left hand lane while on the highway? I think it does, they are just rude.

  12. C says at

    Just because people say please and thank you does not automatically make them polite.

    picture if you will, a town in Texas… “Please get your liberal butt out of my restaurant before I kick you with my snakeskin boots”

    See, it’s all in context. Just like E from Penn saying Ohioans aren’t intelligent, complete with typo. 

  13. Greg says at

    Or in South Carolina…

    “please help me light this cross, thank you”

  14. Casey says at

    I don’t agree with that map. I’m from Mississippi, and I have lived in Pennsylvania for 4 years. People in PA are much ruder, and drop the F – word every other sentence. People in Mississippi tend to be more courteous and laid-back, and usually only cuss if they are extremely angry (or really excited).

  15. Jenn says at

    I have to agree. I have lived all over the U.S. (military) and Ohio folks seems to pride themselves on how mean and rude they can be to others, not to mention get off on ripping others off and lying when it’s not even necessary! Ohio is the most HOSTILE state I have ever lived in. I wouldn’t even use that word to describe any other state I’ve been to! The people here are just nasty, backstabbing, out right mean and proud of it!

  16. Walt says at

    I deal with people from all over the country through ecommerce. I’ve noticed for quite awhile that people from Ohio (and also Indiana) seem to be the rudest people I encounter, by far.  I dated a girl from Indiana for a couple of months and she was just the worst in terms of rudeness… angry, mean, argumentative, same with many of our customers from that region.

  17. Jack says at

    I moved here from Texas, and I must say that I hate the people in Ohio! They are the rudest people on the planet. What is wrong with you people? Being a Southern Gentleman, I find it disgusting to interact with these morons. They drive like idiots and have this attitude like they are better than everyone else. I find their elitist mindset ironic since they are not very attractive people, to put it nicely. I say thank you, yes ma’am, yes sir, open doors for men and women. Here they “statue walk” and expect you to get out of their way. The men and women are very aggressive and……….rude. I can’t stand these “people”. Ready to move South for some good, honest brothers and sisters. Ohio can stick it!

  18. Swingby says at

    Reply to Cory Grassell,
    I have accepted your challenge. I agree with the post. What I hear constantly all over the place in Madison WI is the big firm strong “No! We don’t do that.” Most don’t think about what they can do. They only wanted to make sure you understand why they can’t help you — from retail to health care. They don’t even care about the policy of the company they work for.

  19. Valerie B says at

    I am in the hospitality business. Over the years, I made the conclusion that people from Ohio are truly the worst to deal with. Today, was no exception with another case, so I decided to Google to see if it was me with lack of manners, and found tons of blog regarding Ohio. I can say with 100% certainty, the are THE worse, most obnoxious, sad, depressed, rude people you will ever met in the U.S.

  20. Stephanie says at

    I am originally from Ohio and came back here after living in the south for many years and I can say with certainty these are the most passive aggressive, hostile snakes in the grass I have ever encountered. People in Ohio are just unbelievably hateful and rude, stirring up nonsense; most notably in the workplace and making your life miserable. Don’t dare not be a cookie cutter version of a bible thumping, conservative midwesterner. The people here will REALLY be nasty to you. I am so sorry I came back here and when I leave again I will never come back… No wonder they call this a flyover state.

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