Here Comes a New Google Maps UI

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land reports (based on Alex Chitu’s report) that Google is testing a new Google Maps UI, which looks something like this:

New Google Maps UI

Apparently the new UI will allow search results to be filtered by your Google+ network as well. For fun compare . . .

Apple Maps:

Apple Maps SF


Foursquare maps


Mapquest Maps SF

Yahoo Maps (Nokia): 

Yahoo Maps

Bing Maps (part Nokia):

Bing Maps SF



Waze on the PC: 

Waze SF

I haven’t really taken a serious look at these sites/platforms (other than Google vs. Apple) in a long time. It’s worth a second look.

And even as Google Maps has established a seemingly insurmountable lead, I think there’s greater acceptance of a range of UIs in maps in a way that there wasn’t only a couple of years ago. The Google Maps “look and feel” has ceased to be the “mapping UI of record.” That opens the door for companies to work with other vendors and APIs (e.g., deCarta).

Which of the UIs above to you prefer and why?

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  1. Neal says at

    Mapquest once had that insurmountable lead distinction.

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