Nokia Ad Satirizes iOS-Android Flame War

Microsoft logoI saw this on The Verge: it’s a new TV spot for Windows Phones (Lumia in particular). It’s pretty funny, though probably derivative of the Oreo Superbowl “library” spot (below).

It’s set at a wedding whose guests are evenly divided between iPhone and Android users. A fight breaks out between them as they argue over which phone is superior (trading insults). Take a look and tell me whether you think it’s effective promotion for Windows Phones.

Separately today Kantar Worldpanel (a division of WPP) put out data showing Windows Phones are seeing an uptick in sales in the US. Penetration of the handsets grew from 3.7% market share in Q1 2012 to 5.6% in Q1 2013, according to Kantar.

Kantar Q1 2013 smartphone market share data

By contrast, comScore market share information show more modest growth for Windows Phones, from 3% to 3.2% market share in the previous three months.

As an extra bonus (and to compare it to the spot above) here’s the inspired Oreo Superbowl commercial.

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2 Responses to “Nokia Ad Satirizes iOS-Android Flame War”

  1. Mike Blumenthal says at

    After they get done dissing iPhone and Android users they will be left with RIM and feature phone users. Not fighting hardly seems a reason to buy a phone.

  2. James Kingsbery says at

    I think both this and the other recent Microsoft’s add for Bing about “you can’t trust the Android appstore, so you can’t trust anything from Google” baffling. Their marketing effort lately has been a mixture of condescension and name-calling, and it doesn’t inspire me to try their products.

    I’d like to hear more from them about, you know, the merits of their products.

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