Being Asked to Rate Local Places on Facebook

Facebook logoI’ve got the new News Feed on Facebook and this morning in the right column I saw the following screen asking me to rate a number of local businesses:

Rate Local Places on Facebook

These are businesses in my area and in several cases I think I followed or Liked them. I rated a few of them and more showed up.

This list only appeared when I expanded the new feed tabs in the right column. It didn’t show up initially when I went to the Facebook home page. However this will be a very quick way for Facebook to build up a pretty significant library of local business ratings.

Users can also rate businesses via Facebook Nearby.

What do you think about this? Do you believe that by showing local businesses to users on the homescreen that Facebook can build up enough local ratings to make Nearby a rival to Yelp?

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5 Responses to “Being Asked to Rate Local Places on Facebook”

  1. Terry Wall says at

    Hi, Greg! Haven’t seen the ‘ratings’ show up yet but have noticed lately that FB is now integrating ads and ‘sponsored pages’ into my news feed, when they used to only show up down the right rail of the page. It’s clear that they’re looking for new ways to optimize their monetization, so nothing they do will be of great surprise. If they’re successful in gathering reviews, it will certainly turn up the heat on Yelp and Google (Zagat).

  2. Malcolm Lewis says at

    This is a start. They could also use their checkin data. If I have checked into a bar/restaurant/coffee shop more than once the chances are good I like it. They need a social score that combines explicit ratings and implicit (eg checkins). Kinda like what Foursquare has done. 

    The problem with liking anything on FB was all the newsfeed spam you subsequently opened yourself up to. If they allowed you to like a place and separately decide if you want to see posts from the liked place we’d all be more likely to like places. Haven’t got the new feed yet, but if they included an option to view “Updates from Liked Places” and otherwise hide them, that would be helpful too. Generally, I don’t think users don’t want FB cramming commercial content down their throats – but they’ll likely look at it if they have the option to decide when and how.

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    FB has now given people more control over the feeds they look at. This will help with “liking” businesses. They are using check-in data as part of their local relevance algorithm for Nearby. 

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  5. Justin Sturges says at

    I think Facebook can make this work. I’m not saying they will, that remains to be seen. But the potential is huge for Facebook to control and monetize local business marketing better than anyone. If they are able to provide rich data on the fly, or better yet predictively, they could be very dangerous. If they are smart, their recent moves are a shell game that will end up crystallizing into a very powerful local search solution indeed.

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  7. Ellie Kesselman says at

    I think Malcolm is the most likely to be correct. Facebook users do NOT want FB cramming commercial content down their throat. That is so descriptive of what I have observed!

    The Wall Street Journal is one of my favorite online communities. I’ve followed Facebook. and opinion about it, from the FB shelf listing 144A, FB S-1, IPO and post-IPO. Throughout. there was constant carping that FB is overvalued. (There’s a surprising amount of negativity toward FB in general.)  Sometimes FB users will speak up, say why they enjoy FB. They often qualify their comment with something like “I use Facebook to stay in touch and share with friends and family, not to buy things.” That’s a quaintly naive perception of Facebook.

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