JiWire: Almost 70% Used ‘Mobile Wallet’ in Q4

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.07.06 AMMobile ad network JiWire released its Q4 audience insights report this morning. Based on survey data from 5,000 US and UK mobile users it covers a range of topics and questions. There’s a great deal of device-related information as well as consumer attitudes toward WiFi availability.

Part of JiWire’s business is delivering mobile ads at WiFi access points. JiWire is also one of several ad networks (including xAd, Verve, PlaceIQ, others) translating location into audience targeting.

The most interesting data in the report are about in-store mobile usage and mobile payments adoption. Consistent with the data I wrote about yesterday from Placed and the IAB, JiWire respondents are using their smartphones in stores in very large numbers.

The JiWire figure is 93.6% (higher than the norm), while in the IAB figure was only 31%, using a much smaller sample. The Pew Internet Project found previously that 72% of mobile users (including feature phone owners) used their handsets in retail stores.

In all the survey data the user behavior identified is generally consistent: price checking, product reviews, looking for deals/coupons and so on.

jiWire in store mobile usage

One interesting finding in the chart above is the one about users browsing the store’s website (35-37%). These people are probably looking for product information. They have questions about something in the store. In the past people would try and find a person to respond; now many are seeking the same information on their phones.

In addition to better trained and more helpful humans in stores (to combat showrooming), retailers need to regard their apps and websites as in-store customer service tools. Most retailers probably don’t yet think that way.

In store categories

The chart above reflects the types of stores and locations where people most often use their smartphones. The “archetypal” use case is essentially BestBuy where they’re checking prices for the same items on Amazon.

The other interesting set of findings in the JiWire report surround mobile wallets. These survey respondents are more inclined to use mobile wallets than the general population. Almost 70% said they had used a mobile wallet in a store within the past 30 days. PayPal was the most common payment tool used.

Mobile wallet usage in stores

One caveat about these findings: it’s not clear that the definition of “mobile wallet” is self evident. Regarding the 20% that said they used “Amazon payments” in Q4: does this mean they bought something online from Amazon while in a store? Accordingly, I suspect there’s a spectrum of use cases being reflected in the responses above.

As mentioned, the 67% who said they used a mobile wallet in a store is a much larger number than in other surveys and reflects the greater technology “savvy” of the JiWire audience.

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