DudaMobile: Now with Mobile Search Ads

Leading SMB mobile website provider DudaMobile has added advertising to its services. Many of DudaMobile’s basic services are free; so this represents a new revenue stream for the company. It also moves the company out of the “commodity website” business.

In addition it addresses the “now what” problem for SMBs: once you’ve got a mobile site how do you get people there?

Mobile SEO (in Google results) is a bigger challenge than conventional SEO arguably. (There’s another version of “mobile SEO” which is about data syndication to third party sites/apps.) Mobile paid-search gives a business more control over its appearance in mobile search results.

To be seen in those results, however, the mobile site must be one of the top two (or three) links to get any visibility and clicks/calls. It’s nearly impossible for most SMBs to manage a mobile search campaign to achieve the top two results because of a lack of sophistication about ad creative and bidding.

What’s different about the DudaMobile service (in contrast to their website product) is that it’s not self-service. It’s professionally managed: “an assigned account executive provides all set-up, monitors your mobile search advertising campaigns and optimizes regularly to maximize results.”

It comes with call tracking and recording as well. Here’s the pricing:

In addition to the recommended budget, there’s also a monthly management fee that starts at $99 for the Basic package and goes up to $199 per month for Premier.

The new DudaMobile service now goes head-to-head with AppStack, which offers free sites for the purpose of creating mobile search campaigns, which are also managed on behalf of the SMB.

I’m curious to hear what you think about SMB interest in mobile search advertising (there’s conflicting data) and whether anyone has had experience with AppStack’s program.

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6 Responses to “DudaMobile: Now with Mobile Search Ads”

  1. Jeff says at

    Greg I would also be interested in knowing the value of mobile advertising in local search for SMBs.  I have always wondered what the real ratio was of local search on devices through apps vs. a search engine in the browser.  I still have a suspicion that smartphone (especially iPhone users) are more likely using apps (e.g. AroundMe, Yelp).  If that is the case, then syndication and an accurate presence across these apps/services (accurate address, claimed profiles) would be more important than an SEM adwords campaign on Google.  What do you think?

  2. Greg says at

    No one is tracking how much local search is happening in apps vs. on the mobile web. ComScore survey data showed in January that 50% of the smartphone audience used apps for local search. I agree that being found in the top mobile apps is critical for these businesses. This can be accomplished through the normal data syndication channels.

    Paid search can be useful in mobile because the ads take up most of the screen real estate on the handset and there’s not much room for organic results. Also “mobile SEO” is a less well understood thing today. 

  3. Jeff says at

    Yes I saw your post earlier this year with your projections based on the ComScore data.  I think that having a good mobile app presence is more than just appearing in the regular syndication channels.  An SMB needs to insure they have populated them with enough content and keep them fresh by claiming pages and remaining engaged. 

    As for mobile SEM, I would love to see some results that show how effective it is for mobile as I am not sure how many people actually open a web browser on their device and conduct a search (vs. using an app).  Not saying it doesn’t happen, just curious how often and how effective it is.

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    There is a lot of mobile search volume (15 – 25% of total volume now) through the browser and it’s all Google. Agree with your comment about building out content. But that should also hold true for the desktop/PC as well.

  5. Andrew Katz says at

    Greg and Jeff we have great SMB client data on how effective mobile search via browsers is. Will share with both of you Monday. Thanks.

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  7. Jeff says at


    Thanks for providing some insight.  Without some data to review, we often fall back to own points of view or intuition.  In that case (for me), unless Google counts map searches in its mobile local search numbers, I just don’t see how useful browser-based text ads are for mobile local search. (e.g. I would never search that way)… Eager to see what data you have.

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