Report: 74% of Google’s Local Search Volumes Coming from Mobile Devices

Over at SEL I wrote about some new data from ad network Chitika regarding local search volumes for the three major search engines. The company looked at millions of PC and mobile search queries during the final week of September. (See update below for correction.)

What Chitika found was that 43% of Google’s local search (PC + mobile) volume carried a local intent. The number was 25% for Bing and Yahoo.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that local search coming from mobile devices brings the overall local percentage way up for Google. But the mobile percentages are much smaller for Yahoo and Bing. This can be explained by the fact that Yahoo and Bing have very limited mobile search query volumes overall.

In 2011 Google said that 40 percent of mobile search traffic has a local intent. However last week at a GetListed LocalU event a Google speaker said that now 50 percent of mobile search is local.

Update: Chitika contacted me today and said their methodology for calculating the figures above was flawed. They issued a correction that dramatically reduces the percentage of local searches coming from mobile devices. It also reduces the overall percentage of local searches on Google in particular

Below are the corrected charts:

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5 Responses to “Report: 74% of Google’s Local Search Volumes Coming from Mobile Devices”

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  2. Malcolm Lewis says at

    I imagine a significant percentage of Google’s local mobile searches come via their Maps app – embedded in Android and (until recently) iOS. That’s where I do all my local searches if I’m not on Yelp.

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    I’m sure you’re correct about the influence of maps. 

  4. Great Western Garage says at

    So does this mean that other online directories (YP’s, Yelp, etc) are dying faster than previously thought? 

    If all traffic is heading to mobile, and Google dominates the mobile experience, it doesn’t sound good for other online directories at all?

  5. Greg says at

    I think there are a range of directories that are doing OK and it would be a bit of a leap to say that everyone else is dying because of the traffic numbers above. But the traditional IYP category is definitely not growing.

  6. Jeffrey Magner says at

    I find the numbers for Bing to be quite interesting. What does that reveal about their demographic? Or have they just missed the mobile environment completely? Bing is really weird I think.

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    […] true for local businesses, since we know that 1 in 3 mobile searches has local intent and as much as 74% of local searches come from mobile […]

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