Major Problems with My Web Host

Over the past several months one of the reasons I’ve posted less frequently (beside being very busy) is that my webhost keeps having problems.

They tell me I’m over my memory limit; I keep upping it and paying them progressively more. I keep getting the same messages.

Almost every single post I get a message that I’ve exceeded my memory allowance despite increasing it multiple times over the past three months. Ironically, I’m sure I’ll get one following this post.

When I was out on vacation this site was down for almost a week despite assurances that the problem had been fixed and so on.

It’s all getting very tedious. I’m now looking for advice about a reliable and affordable hosting company. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Robin says at

    Hi Greg,
    I can help you find a new hosting company and help you migrate your blog. I’ve been enjoying your posts for quite a while now so it is the least I can do in return 😉
    Drop me a mail or add me to Skype. You can use the email address I’ve provided with this comment.

  2. Robin says at

    Perhaps it would also be a good idea to look into what is consuming so much memory, or you might run into the same problem again at your new host.

  3. Chuck Reynolds says at

    Greg, Dreamhost has always been known for heavy down time and slow response times.
    I’m assuming you’re just on a shared hosting plan? Without knowing they type of traffic you’re getting it’s hard to say what exactly you need but I’d seriously consider a VPS with 512ram (should be fine on that unless you’re getting a ton of traffic) or bump it to a gig. I currently have two WP sites, one that’s pretty heavy on traffic and load, but all cached to shit on a MediaTemple VE and memory holds stable around 318mb fairly consistently. 

    If you just want another shared host – I’ve always had very good luck personally and with client sites at hostgator. Always been good at support too. But for you I’d say get a dedicated IP so you’re not sharing that with others and probably look at a nice VPS somewhere. 

    Namecheap has good ones, MT has the ve’s that are nice but no control panel (idk if you’re good setting up your own stuff or if you need a cp), I’ve looked at pacific host too lately for vps stuff. 

    Can always hit me on twitter or email if you have specific Q’s. 

    Good luck!

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks for the advice and offers. I’ll get back to you both later.

  5. Service Central says at

    I was wondering what happened when you went on holidays. Thought maybe your site decided to go on holidays too!

    Time to move hosts for sure.

  6. Deb says at

    I use HostGator, minimal hosting plan, that offers unlimited hard drive storage.


    So I uploaded a huge amount of photos – free cloud storage, I’m thinking.
    Which they allowed, but I get an “over quota” email from them daily.
    It’s been a few months now.
    The only downside I’ve noticed, is that my site backups are failing.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Greg Sterling says at

    Got some overly complicated advice from Dreamhost. So the move is on.

  8. Tom says at

    Dreamhost is awful because they perennially run offers like “1 year for $10″ on their shared hosting. There’s no way they afford to offer the hardware to back it up.

    Hostgator is a good host, but consider supporting your hosting by adding a ‘content delivery network” to host graphics and speed page loads. MaxCDN is a good one, and they are running a special now in honor of “speed awareness month”, which a bunch of site speedup providers are cooperating on:

    As a result of their promotion, if you sign up for MaxCDN by tomorrow, they will give you your first terabyte of data free:

    To get your wordpress blog to use Max CDN for anything that can be accellerated, use a plugin called W3 Total Cache, and enter your account particulars according to this tutorial:

    Once that’s done, everything that can be accellerated (especially graphics, etc.) will be automatically loaded onto MaxCDN’s network of servers and served from a server close to your visitor. So your site will speed up for visitors.

    None of these are affiliate links, btw. I use MaxCDN for a client & it’s performed well.

  9. Nate Nordstrom says at

    Greg, in return for all the great articles and advice you give here, I’d highly recommend InMotion. I host my own site and a handful of client sites on their servers. …if you’re interested, I might even be willing to host your site free through my VPS account since I’ve got remaining bandwidth. The best part about InMotion I think is their service. 24×7, chat, email, phone. No matter your hosting plan.

  10. Matthew Goldman says at

    I would suggest either wpengine or Linode…depends on how much you want to get into the details. 

  11. Greg Sterling says at

    thanks Nate for the invitation. Matthew: I want something where there isn’t a ton of complexity and I don’t have to do much “hands on.” 

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