SweetIQ: Impressive LBS Dashboard for National-Locals and Franchises

A couple of months ago I got a demo of the new SweetIQ tool, formerly GetMeListed. It helps multi-location businesses and franchises manage their local presence and interactions with customers and prospects. It’s a local analytics, social media and general marketing tool.

It’s also one of the most comprehensive products I’ve seen for location-based marketing. It covers “presence, visibility and engagement.” In the words of the company, it “empower[s] brand owners and marketing professionals to increase their venue presence, manage brand visibility, and drive online customer engagement into offline in-store sales.”

This is not for SMBs but larger marketers that operate multiple stores or locations. There’s a lot of stuff going on, but basically it shows marketers where they’re listed online and where they rank. It reveals and suggests (local) search keywords and exposes how well the location in question is doing vis-a-vis those keywords and competitors. It also helps track and manage social media interactions (“engagement”).

I can better illustrate the capabilities of the tool with some screenshots. First a shot of the “presence” analysis (click to expand):

What the screenshot above reflects is where online the location is currently listed (in this instance a New York FedEx location), citations for that location and suggested additional places to list the business.

The screen below shows a more “granular” view of keywords and where the business location ranks in local results and in general search results. In particular there’s a nice presentation of how the business ranks across directory sites for specific keywords.

This next screen is part of what SweetIQ calls its “visibility” module. It captures and reflects online sentiment and consumer reviews about the location. Here the marketer gets a read-out on the number of reviews and sources and an overall rating/review score.

Marketers can also go directly to the places online where the reviews reside. In some instances, if permitted, marketers can respond inline through the tool.

Finally the “engagement” module monitors and captures social media mentions and interactions on LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and eventually Google+. Here again users can respond inline (retweet, reply, etc).

MomentFeed captures check-ins and interactions around physical locations and stores. SweetIQ includes that capability as well as “social publishing.”

Indeed, there are a range of providers out there that offer some or many of these capabilities. VendAsta, for example, offers many of these same features. However, I was impressed with the breadth and range of what SweetIQ provides.

None of the enterprise-oriented “social listening” or “social analytics” tools deal with online presence or search visibility, nor do they handle the local/offline check-in angle. SweetIQ sits right in the middle between pure enterprise and SMB-oriented tools. Again it’s for marketers or agencies managing presence and reputation across franchise locations or for multi-location national businesses.

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4 Responses to “SweetIQ: Impressive LBS Dashboard for National-Locals and Franchises”

  1. Victor Velasquez says at

    Great article! Your description is very clear and straight to the point. Thank you very much!

  2. Mathuseo says at

    Thanks for the great article.
    Is the tool useful for managing a german multi-location business as well?
    If yes, I  would love to try the tool and write an experience report in my blog (blog-topic: local online-marketing).
    I’m looking forward to to hear from you..

  3. Michael Mire says at


    Sweet IQ does work in Germany. You can signup on our website.

    @Greg, thanks for the thorough coverage.

  4. Greg says at

    Sure Michael. In the near future we can reconnect for an update. 

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