On Vacation: Going to Try and Make It Real

Embracing imperfection and limits is what much of the last couple of years has been about for me. Regretfully all the posts and work I wanted to get done before I left I didn’t get done. Now I need to let go for two weeks.

I’m going to be on vacation through July 20. This is a rare “two week” family vacation. Normally I’d take a laptop and be compulsively tempted to blog and work. However, I’m going “minimalist” and only taking  my iPhone and Nexus 7 tablet.

I was not long ago diagnosed with high blood pressure, a by-product of too-little sleep, weight gain and stress. I love what I do I just need to do it a bit less, sleep a little more and find a bit more balance.

Back in action on July 23. Until then . . .

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8 Responses to “On Vacation: Going to Try and Make It Real”

  1. Linda Buquet says at

    Have a restful vacation Greg. We’ll miss your posts but your health needs to come 1st.

  2. Handyman says at

    A well deserved break Greg!

    How can we be sure that you haven’t run off to Hollywood to produce that movie that you’ve been writing? 

  3. Jeffrey Magner says at

    Greg, cut back on the salt, get some exercise and rest. Your blood pressure will drop. Got the same problem over here. Oh and put the same energy into your family that you do into this blog and you’ll be in great shape! Have fun!

  4. Chris Silver Smith says at

    Enjoy your vacation, Greg!

  5. Mike Bunnell says at

    Have fun. I like the Zen circle.

  6. greg says at

    Thanks all

  7. Project Manager says at

    Hope you had a great vacation Greg. Looking forward to seeing your posts again soon.

  8. Greg Sterling says at

    I’m back

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