Twitter Opens Up ‘Promoted Products’ to Select AMEX SMBs

Earlier today Twitter announced that its self-service advertising ad program for SMBs is rolling out. Initially, select AMEX small business customers will have access to the program. They’ll be able to sign up for Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets.

Neither program requires the business owner to separately create ads. They draw from existing content published by the account owner.

Of the two programs, Promoted Tweets is going to be a better fit for most SMBs. In both instances advertisers are billed on a pay per action basis: “Pay per follower for Promoted Accounts and per engagement (click, retweet, reply, and favorite) for Promoted Tweets.”

Business owners must be active on Twitter as a fundamental matter. Promoted Tweets takes existing posts and exposes them based on an algorithm indicating who might respond.

The programs aren’t going to be effective for SMBs not already using Twitter regularly. Then again, those SMBs that don’t already see its value won’t see the point of advertising there anyway.

Targeting can be by state or metro area. Both Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts are cross-platform and will show up online and on mobile devices.

Do you think there’s going to be much self-service uptake with the program? And while the promotion of existing tweets makes it easier for the business owner to participate in the program it might also make for some very bland advertising as well.

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  1. Landscaper says at

    Once again, hats off to AMEX for taking on this initiative. They really should be recognised for their efforts in leading the way in this space.

    It just highlights the difficult competition that the likes of square and paypal are going to have over the upcoming years as their is a real convergence of easy payment options, local merchants and local advertising (marketplaces, directories, get quotes, etc).

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