Report from Local Social Summit ’11 (Free)

I was privileged to speak at Local Social Summit (London, 11/11) and have been part of the conference for the past three years. There were some excellent discussions and presentations that have now been distilled into a free report covering the first day of the event.

The event was small enough to promote informal conversation and large enough to have a great mix of companies and attendees.

You can download the free report via DropBox [pdf, 39 pages, 1.3mb]. It covers all the sessions from the first day together with additional “trends to watch” information:

  • Incumbents are at risk
  • Data is everywhere
  • The rebirth of local
  • Mobile broadband
  • The next Internet arrives
  • The death of daily deals
  • Social outsourcing grows

A second report covering day two of LSS ’11 will be published next month. To receive more information or to join the mailing list contact

If you would like to speak at LSS ’12 in London or have session pitches, you can submit them to the above email address or to me. LSS ’12 will happen in mid-November 2012.

Here’s some of my past coverage of LSS events:

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  1. Seb Provencher Ladies and Gentlemen says at

    […] now and can vouch for his competence and insight. He has also been on the program committee of the Local Social Summit for three […]

  2. Jeffrey says at

    Clearly the local-social blended reality is happening however I have yet to hear of any real powerful stories about how small businesses are leveraging social media to drive traffic/sales/conversions. Really. What fledgeling small business owner has time to learn how to generate and then implement & follow up with a powerful social media campaign? They likely will need to hire out for that, yes?

    What small local practitioner (therapist/acupuncturist/coach, etc…) really has built up their social campaigns to the point where they are getting NEW clients for their practice? I’d love some examples. Most will likely get 93 friends that are already their personal friends on facebook and then that’s it. 

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    Yep. I’m writing something about this right now. Time is a big problem with social for SMBs. Also see:

    I think what you find is a very mixed picture for business owners around use of social for new customer acquisition. More success with loyalty or CRM.

  4. Local Social Summit (London) Now Just a Month Away says at

    […] Report from Local Social Summit ’11 […]

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