Dex Asks SMBs ‘How Findable Are You?’

Dex One has launched an online diagnostic tool intended to assess SMB marketing efforts and generate an overall visibility score.

You plug in your address info and then answer several questions by moving a slider. You’re then given a score in each category and overall (an average). The categories are “brand,” “physical location,” “advertising,” “online presence,” “reputation and community.”

The individual scores and overall score are displayed online and emailed in the form of a pdf.

Each category offers a link to Dex-generated content about how to improve in that category. Business owners also receive a thank you email, which includes a soft sales pitch to contact Dex for more information.

I like the UI and the sliders. However the data and scoring are based entirely on the business owner’s self assessment. There’s no market data or ranking of the SMB in relation to competitors or the broader category. offers a similar presence assessment tool, also as lead-gen for local publishers and sales channels, but there’s more context and competitive information. goes further by enabling SMBs to correct, enhance and submit their data to a range of search and directory sites. Many of the reputation management tools (e.g., Vendasta) also offer similar presence diagnostic capabilities.

What Dex has created is a better UI and represents a good start. But it ultimately won’t be very effective as a lead-gen tool if there’s no real data behind the scores.

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6 Responses to “Dex Asks SMBs ‘How Findable Are You?’”

  1. Service says at

    This looks like a good way to generate leads for the sales team.

    It would be cool if you could create a Klout score for SMB’s. However, it just sounds like a nice hook to generate inbound leads for the sales guys.

  2. Greg says at

    Perhaps. I think it would be better if there were some “real data” being shown however. 

  3. Andrew Shotland says at

    Nice tool but given that you have to provide an email address to get the info I wonder how many will use it.

  4. Keith says at

    Not sure how many businesses will trust a “self assessment” of themselves vs. a tool that uses real data/metrics right?

  5. Greg says at

    That’s my critique of the tool . . .

  6. Bob Misita says at

    Not sure the tool itself is a value add way to – as the tagline suggests “help local businesses attract more customers”. Seems to me that DexOne would have been better served trying to get the tips offered at the end out to the marketplace (and potentially virally through social media) since they are the only info being offered (other than a weighted self-assessment). As mentioned above, looks like the real people benefiting from the tool itself are the sales reps.

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