GatheringPoint Offers Extensive Menu of Local Content for Publishers

Before the holidays I met with GatheringPoint. The company, run by Spencer Nassar, is a local data aggregator and aims to be a syndicator of enhanced content to local publishers and developers.

While there are many local business listings sources and even some offering rich content, I’m unaware of a source with the breadth of local data offered by GatheringPoint.

The company doesn’t offer the local business listings database itself. The content is complementary and sits on top of those listings. But it can also exist separate and apart from the local business database.

The company collects and organizes a fairly comprehensive list of local data feeds and sources, including:

  • Deals
  • Events and cultural sites
  • News
  • Social/check-in feeds
  • Weather
  • Video/images
  • Environmental information/sites

They continue to add new data. The company doesn’t aspire (to my knowledge) to be a consumer destination but wants to be a data provider to others in the local segment.

The site above is a demo/showcase for its data.

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