Facebook Coupon Ads Could Become Phenomenally Successful

InsideFacebook reported yesterday that the social network is experimenting with coupon ads. Essentially a coupon would be included in the ad copy and could either be redeemed online or in stores, depending on the model/wishes of the advertiser.

Here’s what one looks like (via InsideFacebook):

Given that deals or offers are the main reason that people “Like” commercial entities on Facebook, these ads are poised to be incredibly successful — and could mark a kind of return of deals to the PC site. (Deal providers or their surrogates might use them to promote certain types of offers.)

There’s also an interesting local advertising angle here — obviously — as well.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Coupon Ads Could Become Phenomenally Successful”

  1. Stephen says at

    This is a great way to draw more people to a companies facebook. This means businesses need to be monitoring social media on a regular basis.

  2. gorih says at

    Maybe it will be replacing adsense))

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