Google Showing Display Ads on Gmail Logout

This seems more like Yahoo than Google: showing ads on email sign-in pages. Danny Sullivan just reported that he’s now seeing third party ads when he logs out of Gmail. I tried it and saw the same thing — this:

It’s not clear if this is a special Cyber Monday promotion or whether it marks a new ad unit that Google will be showing us regularly.

Conceptually this follows Google placing ads in the info-window on Maps.

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  1. Service says at

    This is yet another example of Google setting aside all of the rules have have constrained them in the past. Google developed its strong and loyal customer base with a great free product (search) and very subtle ads. In the past they went out of their way to make their ads subtle and to ensure that the ads didn’t interfere with the user experience. Nowadays it seems that in Google’s mind creating a good user experience now comes second to increasing corporate profits. Its a shame.

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