RedBeacon Launches New iPhone App

RedBeacon has finally launched a mobile app. And with it (including several related policy changes) the company has addressed my original complaints about its model.

Specifically, RedBeacon now allows any and all forms of communication (email, chat, calls) between consumers and service professionals. Previously the company had barred telephone calls, which was the chief source of my criticism and skepticism.

I’ve not had a chance to use the app in a real situation, but it appears to offer both a simpler and and more complete experience than the website. You can take a video of the room you need painted or the area of the yard you need landscaped , for example, and immediately upload the data to the app. These capabilities give the service provider a much more complete sense of the job on the front end.

RedBeacon said that about 40% of projects require a site visit to enable an estimate. The enhanced communication features and functionality of the new app are designed to enable more information exchange up front and minimize the number of required site visits. In general I think the company has done a very nice job with the app.

RedBeacon believes that mobile may be the main way that both service providers and consumers interact in the future. There’s a good deal more to discuss but I’m at a conference in London unable to write much more now.

RedBeacon recently emerged from a period of little or no news with a $7.4 million funding announcement. The company has expanded from two to eight US markets and plans further expansion in the coming months.

One of the things that’s interesting to me about RedBeacon is how it represents one version of the future of local. It’s a transactional “platform” that doesn’t charge service providers unless they get actual customers. Daily deals, however flawed, is another version of this idea. And in the UK, Yell has made a similar commitment to providing an “eMarketplace” rather than simply selling “advertising.”

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4 Responses to “RedBeacon Launches New iPhone App”

  1. Retailigence Corporation says at

    Looks like a nice app.  Another version of “a transactional platform that doesn’t charge … unless they get actual customers” would include the Retailigence projects connecting shoppers with local products, in Japan.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Yep. I think this is a broad direction that many models in the local space are going. 

  3. Electricians says at

    Adding video was a great touch. I’ve also seen a red beacon type app that helps consumers measure the size of the job that they need done.

  4. Greg says at

    Yes; they’ve done a very good job utilizing the phone’s capabilities in the app.

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