Quick Tour of Google+ Local Pages

They’ve just opened up Google+ Pages for everyone. Here’s a quick tour of the Local screens, which appear to be pre-populated with Google Places data (without any official linkage to Places that I can see yet). It’s a very simple four or five step process.

I couldn’t go farther than this because I’m not authorized to create a page on behalf of this business. But I’d be curious to hear more from those who are.

What do you think will happen with Local+ Pages? Will they be adopted — by retailers, franchises, SMBs? How might they be best integrated with Google Places (I’m sure Google has already thought that through).

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3 Responses to “Quick Tour of Google+ Local Pages”

  1. Roshan says at

    very simple indeed. the user profile and page switching option is confusing and hard to find though.

  2. Greg says at

    I need to explore them more myself.

  3. Alex says at

    In the words of one of the galaxies eternal thinkers “fascinating”.. 

    I too need time to explore the synergy between Places pages and Google + for businesses, but Google continues to evolve its local offerings for the better, so this is just the beginning 

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