Yelp Beats MySpace, Just Behind Twitter

Released last week, the August 2011 comScore top 50 US sites showed that Yelp had grown from position 45, when it first entered the top 50 (1/11), to number 34 — ahead of MySpace and just behind Twitter.

Here’s a closer look at the properties immediately around Yelp in the comScore rankings:

We can debate the merits of comScore’s traffic measurement but it’s significant that Yelp has reached this point. According to Compete the domain “” (AT&T) has roughly 26 million uniques to Yelp’s just over 19 million uniques. Quantcast estimates that Yelp has 17.6 million visitors in the US.

Have you ever wondered what that Yelp logo is? Is it a flower, an explosion or a bunch of exclamation points in a circular pattern? What do you think?

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  1. Tim Cohn says at

    A symbol for word of mouth…

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