WSJ: Google Paid $125MM for Zagat

Yesterday TechCrunch apparently erroneously reported that Google paid less than $66 million for Zagat, using acquisition price thresholds in the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. Independently I told someone yesterday that I would be very surprised if the deal was less than $50 million at rock bottom.

Today the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the deal was worth $125 according to informed sources:

Google Inc. paid around $125 million to buy restaurant-reviews company Zagat Survey LLC, said a person familiar with the matter…

Marissa Mayer, a Google executive, declined to comment on the purchase price. Zagat previously has said it was valued at $125 million in an investment round 11 years ago.

The deal wasn’t reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission, said the person familiar with the matter.

I don’t know how one reconciles the $66 million review threshold with the WSJ report of a $125 million acquisition price. However I believe the WSJ report of $125 million is more accurate.

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    MM or M ?
    “WSJ: Google Paid $125MM for Zagat”

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