The End of TechCrunch? Yawn.

I’ve avoided the whole TechCrunch melodrama because it’s mostly boring to me. Ethics do matter and I don’t believe that TechCrunch represents the “future of journalism.” In my mind TechCrunch has long been the US Magazine of tech blogs.

Some of the coverage is very good, oftentimes it’s not.

The company was bought for $XX million and AOL has the right to replace management it likes and see what happens. Maybe it will continue to thrive — not with that site design — and maybe not. What AOL should do is put co-editor Erick Schonfeld, a bona fide journalist, in charge. Arrington should move on and do his fund. Let him post once in awhile. Fine.

There’s plenty of good tech coverage out there. If TechCrunch “is over” so be it. The world goes on.

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5 Responses to “The End of TechCrunch? Yawn.”

  1. person287 says at

    It seems like a bit of a shambles, and the fact that they did a blog post saying they are ‘absolutely in the fu*king dark’ just proves it. I think you’re right not going too much into it, because to be honest it’s all just guesswork. I don’t know why Download Squad was pulled. I think AOL are making loads of stupid decisions, but hey if the company goes down it’s not my fault.

  2. Darby Sieben says at

    Well said Greg

  3. Peter Lewis says at

    Tech crunch who?

    Who really cares except for the venture capital firms that use it to pimp their portfolios?

  4. Pat Lazure says at

    Yeah, I’m ready to move on.  I know there are a lot out there, but any fav tech blogs, Greg?  

  5. Greg Sterling says at

    I don’t have any real favorites. I read blogs on a story by story basis really.

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