Week without Technology: I Won

I was on vacation last week and was challenged to go a week without blogging, tweeting or updating social networks. I was able to, though I felt some “withdrawal” pain initially. See, I’m not compulsive.

If you noticed a couple of tweets during the week, they were courtesy of Internet2Go posts done by Dan Miller (automatically feed to my Twitter account).

I did do some email during the week, however, which was permitted by the bet.

Taking the week off enabled me to relax, something I do far too rarely. I was also able to get away from the mania and frenzy of who’s buying whom, who’s winning, who’s about to go public — and are these really pictures of the iPhone 5? It made me reflect on many issues.

I find technology (and its impact on culture) fascinating and love writing about all this stuff. But, truth be told, if someone gave me a million dollars to walk away I could. I’m often struck by the fact that there are lots of serious issues confronting people and the planet while I’m writing about daily deals — or whatever. Pretty trivial stuff in the scheme of things.

Perhaps I’m entering the mid-life crisis in earnest. But tech pays the bills. So I’m going back in . . .

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13 Responses to “Week without Technology: I Won”

  1. Barry Schwartz says at

    Glad you are back.  Not sure how you did this for a full week!

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Tech Shabbos

  3. DMB says at

    Bravo to you, Mr. Sterling!  It is however so nice to once again see you as an on-line presence — which I relish as much as… Tranya!  (Oh, yes — I went there!)

  4. Nahid says at

    Greg – congratulations on winning the bet.  It will be a pleasure to send you the winning bottle – well played, well deserved.

  5. Leigh Anne Varney says at

    Brava for going off-grid and for re-engaging with the offline world where there are indeed many bigger fish to fry.  Were others in your vacay party also offline?  I found “off-grid cold turkey” a major challenge when my friends refused to give up their smartphones and ipads for a week in Hawaii.  After 6 days, I succombed to twitter.

  6. Greg Sterling says at

    The people around me were not plugged in. It’s okay to periodically check in if you can put boundaries around use. But that’s hard if you know it’s always there.

  7. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks Nahid.

  8. Brad says at

    Next time around, WE, your readership will not make it so easy. WE will all collectivly plan our product launches, acquisitions, investment rounds, latest research/study releases, major technology advancements for the week you plan on “switching off”….. Next time we will be prepared and the stakes will be higher Muuuhhaaa 🙂

  9. Greg Sterling says at

    Nice of you to say Brad.

  10. Alex L says at

    Good for you Greg! It’s healthy I think. I just enjoyed 10 days in California and left my phone at home in Canada. First 2 days were almost painful (first time offline in 5 or 6 years) but after that it really felt good. I read the paper a few times, remembered how much I hate TV news and spent lots more time talking to people in person, I found it really refreshing. Can’t say it went over too well with my boss though, but WTF, work to live… not the other way around. Now back to 18/7 of connection.

  11. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks Alex. Too bad about your boss. He/she lacks perspective.

  12. Jennifer Black says at

    Bravo!  I only wanted to add to the challenge because I know how hard you work keeping us all in the know!  i am thrilled to loose this one.

    So which bottle will it be or will it be ladies choice?  Let me know and I will gladly pay-up on this bet.

    Glad you had a great vacation!

  13. Greg says at

    Thanks Jennifer. Why don’t you choose something you like.

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