Some Final Thoughts before Midnight

I’m about to bump up against my “I’m not a compulsive blogger” bet deadline: no posting, tweeting, etc. for a week. I was going to crank out a few last-minute posts tonight but I’m running out of time. So I’ll have to settle for a list.

Here are a few items on my to-post list; longer treatment will need to wait until I get back from a week off:

I have been meaning to write about some cool new features in local-social recommendation app Bizzy that were introduced with the most recent update, a couple of weeks ago. It’s not unlike the recently launched Clever Sense (Alfred). However Bizzy is relying much more on people and community than Clever Sense.

The app is useful — more so the more people join and participate. The challenge is driving that adoption. ReachLocal owns Bizzy.

Schedulicity emerges as a very strong competitor in a segment (online appointments) that is very crowded and not exciting for most people. But this is a pretty interesting platform, and a company that has lots of provocative roadmap ideas. David Galvan, formerly of Yahoo and Topix, is running BD for the company.

Speaking of scheduling, a company that is also quite successful is Demandforce. This is what Yell/Yellowbook should be building for its advertisers as part of its new “eMarketplace” initiative. At its core Demandforce is an online scheduling and CRM platform, which is branching out into marketing. It also helps generate review content — ethically. Churn, I was told, is less than 2%.

TrustHop is a local business technology platform that delivers social search/social leads to local businesses. It offers lead-gen as its primary model. With its TrustHop CONNECT technology it “brings social-local search to any web portal or group site” (mom sites are the ideal target). The company has been around for two years and faces the familiar local “chicken and egg” problem re consumers and SMB advertisers. It now must raise money or sell its technology and team to a deeper pocket.

CEO Viral Kadakia has told me that TrustHop can deliver high quality leads at a price that is cheaper than search. Former CTO and Weblistic CEO Ketan Shah is an advisor.

Flipboard has finally launched advertising with Conde Nast. I love the idea of what Flipboard is doing but think the actual user experience, in the end, is too chaotic. I can’t really bring myself to use it other than to check in periodically. Among the various magazine-like feed readers and iPad news aggregators I much prefer Zite.

There will be much more when I return a week from tomorrow from my vacation, unplugged. I hope the government doesn’t default in the interim.

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  1. Edward says at

    Can you report back with some analytics on how much traffic falls off, and how many weeks it takes to get back to the point prior to the one week hiatus.

  2. Greg says at

    Will let you know

  3. Edward says at

    I should have included a 🙂 in the last post.

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