Yelp Enters Oz in Deal with Sensis

Yelp recently announced that it had crossed 53 million global uniques and 20 million reviews. More interesting than that is the way it’s launching in Australia — through a deal with YP publisher Sensis. (Australia becomes Yelp’s 10th country.)

A couple of days ago Yelp put out a press release announcing the unique relationship:

Through the partnership Yelp will integrate Sensis’ Yellow Pages local business listing data into the site and leverage Sensis’ local sales force to launch and embed into the Australian market. Sensis will syndicate Yelp content, ratings and reviews to, Yellow Pages mobile and the Yellow Pages iPhone application.

Yelp will use Sensis’ listings data and the latter’s sales force will help sell ads into Yelp. Sensis will get all of Yelp’s reviews content. Sensis provides listings data for Google Maps in Australia as well.

While the deal is novel for Yelp it makes sense from several angles, including data acquisition and sales. However Yelp could have  just used the Sensis API and not done the larger partnership as well.

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3 Responses to “Yelp Enters Oz in Deal with Sensis”

  1. Andy says at

    ‘Yelp’ is the same noise a dog makes when a woman walks by and mistakenly steps on their nut sack with her high heels. They also have the same initials as Yellow Pages so there seems to be a good fit there! I’m not sure who is offering the olive branch to whom – but any floatation when you’re drowning can potentially buy you a few more breaths?

  2. Service says at

    Any updates on how this deal is going?

    As an Australian I haven’t heard a single real person talk about Yelp, or recommend Yelp to their friends. 

    Has Sensis released any data about whether anyone is really using Yelp in Australia?

  3. Greg says at

    I haven’t followed up with them so I don’t have any update unfortunately 

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