Private Messaging on Google+

I just discovered how to send private messages on Google+, courtesy of Google’s Jim Prosser. You type your message and then the individual or individuals’ names in the bar where “public” or circles would go — and voila it’s a direct message.

This is a great feature that I thought was missing. It’s easier than DM on Twitter and private messaging on Facebook in my view.

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21 Responses to “Private Messaging on Google+”

  1. Malcolm Lewis says at

    It works but somewhat counter-intuitive imo to write message then select who receives it.

  2. David Mihm says at

    So…what do you have to confess? 😀

  3. Malcolm Lewis says at

    Private until someone re-shares it 😉

  4. Greg says at

    Just like email. 

  5. Greg says at

    Confession: was a joke. 

  6. Joe says at

    I think you meant voila. 🙂

  7. Greg says at

    yes, typo

  8. Mike Ramseh says at

    I think you can also just type an @ and then their name. Make sure public box is is deleted.

  9. Damian says at

    In the upper right corner of the post (or message) there is a dropdown menu in which you can select “Disable Reshare”

  10. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks. Now aware of that. 

  11. Dave Oremland says at

    Thanks for the post, Greg: Just did it. sent it to one person. Google+ auto response was “Nice Post”…blah blah. sort of felt like a dog doing a trick. 😀

  12. Greg Sterling says at


  13. Kevin says at

    FYI: You can limit the reshare-ability of the post. So it will remain private if you’d like it to. This is powerful.

  14. Greg says at


  15. Imran Anwar says at

    The fact that people have to do an online search to find out how to send a private message in G+ should tell Google folks that it is not an intuitive or sensible method.


  16. ConcordantMind says at

    i concur its not intuitive at all, hence I had to search for how to do it

  17. Pieter van der Meer says at

    Unintuitive and, but more importantly an accident waiting to happen! What if you wanted to send some hot message to your partner and your entire family or circle of friends ends up reading it? Resharing or not. The damage is quickly done.

  18. John says at

    I felt this method was straight forward and obvious; however, I do not see a way to convey to the recipient of the private post that it is private. I do not want the person receiving the private post to think I am posting the message for all to see.

  19. steve says at

    yeah, i just spent 10 minutes searching google+ and the web looking for a way to send a private message. tried to follow your suggestion to no avail. as much as i’m hating facebook these days, i’m not seeing the better than benefits of google+. i just want to send a private message to someone = their design guys should just make a button that you click and this happens. simple to me. heading back to facebook now, but thanks.  

  20. Morgan says at

    Def have to agree with Steve and Imran on this one. Maybe the Google way is a cool option but should not be the only way. Intuitive it ain’t.

  21. Howard says at

    I also just spent 10 minutes searching google+ and the web looking for a way to send a private message, as is readily available on my mobile device. I don’t care much for Facebook but Google+ is getting to be just as convoluted and difficult to find things. I might as well use Facebook too.

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