Sensis Releases API for SMB Listings

Following in the footsteps of Yellow Pages Group in Canada, Australia’s Sensis has created and released an API for third party developers. Local-mobile search app Poynt is so far the only application that uses Sensis data.

Commercial uses have a number of requirements. Those presumably include taking Sensis advertisers and providing branded attribution (e.g., powered by Sensis).

In addition to yellow pages and local search, years ago Sensis tried to create a direct search competitor to Google. It was powered by Fast Search & Transfer (now part of Microsoft). Sensis lost that battle and now works more closely with Google.

The API is part of a larger strategy to distribute listings broadly to multiple consumer destinations.

Several of the US directory publishers have developed or are considering APIs; however I don’t believe any have been released yet — or they haven’t made much noise about them if they are out. (AT&T and SuperMedia have them.)

However the US market is much more competitive generally that other markets around the globe and there are a wide range of sources of free local business listings data, including CityGrid, Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Factual, SimpleGeo, de Carta and others. This is on top of the three “mother databases”: Infogroup, Localeze and Acxiom.

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  1. Craig Rees says at

    Hi Greg, I just wanted to let you know that API publishers don’t need to give us brand attribution, all we ask is that users of the API send us reporting information so we can track usage of our advertiser data, we have even created some simple interfaces for these events to be captured. Our aim is to make it relatively easy for 3rd party publishers to integrate with our data both from a commercial and technical viewpoint.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks Craig. You’re including advertisers then as part of the feed? And you count these clicks/calls as coming from a “network’?

  3. Craig Rees says at

    HI Greg, Yes we are including paid advertiser listings from our Yellow Pages digital sites and the we report on usage / interactions of these listings as part of our advertiser reporting capbaility.

  4. Yelp Enters Oz in Deal with Sensis says at

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  5. Home Services says at

    Can anyone provide specific information about whether this API is free of charge? Or whether Sensis intend to charge for the information?

    Also, does the data need to be used purely in a directory format? Or can it be used for more interactive experiences?

    This seems like a very interesting move from Sensis indeed. 

  6. Greg Sterling says at

    Sensis is either going to charge at a certain usage level or they’re going to ask that their advertisers be included in the app or implementation. But I’m sure the API documentation includes terms. 

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