Check Out ‘The SEO Periodic Table’

As I’ve recently said several times I’m growing to despise all the “infographics” being put out for PR reasons. But SEL has put together one for educational purposes that’s pretty cool: The SEO Periodic Table.

Danny Sullivan, with the input of a number of people, put this together. It’s genuinely useful and fun because of the chemistry metaphor:

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4 Responses to “Check Out ‘The SEO Periodic Table’”

  1. jim delli santi says at

    thank you for publishing greg, very helpful and useful.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Sure Jim it is useful. Hope you’re well

  3. Rudolf Rocker says at

    Feel ya on the info graphs but this is great SEO info. Printing a copy for my wall right now. Thnx Greg

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    There are a handful of good ones ….

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