Survey: 44% Buy Daily Deals at Least Monthly

Location-based ad network JiWire announced findings from its Q1 2011 audience survey (n=5,500) this morning. There’s quite a bit of data in the report — on deals, shopping behaviors and devices. I’ll highlight a selection of the findings.

Almost all categories of activity have grown since Q4 2010, including interest in check-ins. Finding particular stores and places of interest remain the top two use cases however. (For men checking in is the second most popular category.)

According to JiWire 72% of respondents purchase daily deals and 44% do so at least once a month. The most engaged category of “Groupoñeros” are those between 25 and 44. The survey found that 17% of those in that age cohort bought deals “once a week or more.”

In terms of mobile shopping behaviors the following were the top categories researched (and purchased) on mobile devices:

  1. Travel
  2. Entertainment
  3. Retail
  4. Consumer electronics
  5. Music, apps
  6. Financial services
  7. Telecom
  8. Automotive

Here’s the breakdown of transaction outcomes, according to JiWire, following research on a mobile device:

In other words, of the 84% of respondents who reported doing mobile shopping, 31% bought in store, 40% bought online and 20% bought via their mobile handsets. The idea that mobile then drives subsequent online purchasing is very interesting and probably carries some significant ecommerce implications.

Among JiWire’s audience 71% of respondents said they either own or plan to buy a tablet. Of that 71% the majority stated a preference for the iPad but a sizable group was open to other operating systems or showed no loyalty.

Mysteriously a larger chunk of respondents preferred Palm’s WebOS to Android. I would give the forthcoming TouchPad little or no chance of success in the market, however.

Overall these data show increasing consumer comfort and engagement with location on mobile devices. They also suggest the increasing complexity of shopping behaviors as devices proliferate — making attribution extremely difficult in the absence of a coupon or GPS tracking.

Before you simply had “online” and “offline” (although there were multiple channels offline). Now you have multiple scenarios involving mobile devices being used at home, on the go and in stores. Yet purchase behavior is often latent.

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