Meet ‘Nokia Earth’ (Courtesy of C3)

I became aware of Nokia’s relatively new “Earth” and 3D mapping from a representative of Swedish company C3, which is behind the capabilities. I also saw an Pad/tablet version demo’d at EADP (impressive).

C3 is also behind Yell’s 3D mapping:

Here are a couple of screens of the Nokia Maps version (there’s a plug-in required):

Performance was a bit inconsistent for me but the models look great. And I was told the modeling is entirely automated.

You now have Google, Microsoft and C3 doing 3D rendering. But the latter can extend the offering to all kinds of third parties, such as Nokia and Yell.

In the next few years we’ll have a combination of aerial, 3D modeling, street-level imagery and interior photography all simultaneously available (Both MSFT and Google are moving rapidly toward this now.)

However most of this imagery won’t look that good or be that useful on smartphones. But the tablet experience is going to be fantastic and better than PC for sure.

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