The Mother of All Deal Sites?

One of the critiques of the current deal environment is that many deals and coupons coming through are simply not “relevant” enough. This lack of relevance is cited as one of the sources of consumer “deal fatigue.” Placecast’s Anne Benzancon made this point on the “Coupon Crazy” panel I moderated at last week’s Social-Loco event in San Francisco.

A number of sites, including Groupon, have taken steps to offer greater personalization or consumer control over deals. Deal aggregator Yipit, for example, shows you the following screen at sign-up for deal personalization.

Now is attempting to create the ultimate personalized deals destination. The company began as an aggregator of online and e-commerce promotions, competing with sites like RetailMeNot. But the market has obviously changed dramatically in the past 18 months.

Accordingly the site is now aggregating daily deals from The Dealmap, Groupon, LivingSocial and others. Users can search or browse for offers and/or they can sign up for the feed and get customized deal alerts.

When you register you’re taken through several personalization screens that ask you to specify categories and brands of interest. CEO Loren Bendele told me that the site wants to be a comprehensive deals destination for both online and local deals. And to my knowledge nobody is combining online and local deals with the range of tools that offers. The company also negotiates some exclusive deals with online and traditional retailers.

There are a number of interesting social features as well. It’s very simple, for example, to Like, tweet and email deals inline.

There’s also a program that calls “Deal Pro,” essentially an affiliate program. Bloggers promote slices of’s feed to their audiences. However many of these bloggers are equally featured on They¬† recommend and highlight particular deals in their areas of interest and expertise, and users can follow (and unfollow) the Deal Pros.

Finally there are recommendations, Q&A and blog posts, which collectively make the site more of a deals community than simply a collection of deals and offers. And there’s an API for syndication of the content.

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