Is Local Search Agency 15 Miles Dead?

Is TMP/15 Miles now defunct? Take a look at these tweets from Gregg Stewart:

And then there’s this one:

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3 Responses to “Is Local Search Agency 15 Miles Dead?”

  1. TMPDM/15miles Alumnus says at

    Short answer – Yes. Debt and declining print revenues sunk the ship.

    There is talk of a revival of 15miles by some of the TMPDM/15miles leadership but nothing substantiated.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Too bad. Was that an exodus of national advertisers from print? Any data you could share there would be interesting.

  3. Michael M says at

    I was in talks with a VP @ 15miles who told me that “the company was sold off” the week of April 8. I have yet to see any public news or been able to get a direct response to who made the purchase.

  4. Mihmorandum | Quite a Month in Local Search | Google says at

    […] was positively shocked to read this news.  According to BIA / Kelsey, the news might have been foreshadowed by a 2010 Dex earnings call. […]

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