Goodbye Tags We Hardly Knew You

Google has ended its experiment with Tags, the simplified “paid inclusion” product that cost $25 per month. The Google LatLong blog says the following about the decision.

Since that experiment began, tens of thousands of businesses have used Tags to help potential customers make easier, more informed decisions when searching. Throughout this period, we monitored Tags closely to learn more about our users’ business needs and how they used the product.

We’ve made a decision to shift our efforts toward other present and future product offerings for local businesses, and will be discontinuing this trial. To that end, we’ve now halted new signups and will be working with existing participating businesses over the coming weeks to help them meet their marketing needs with other Google products where possible.

I spoke very quickly with a Google spokesperson who wouldn’t go into depth about the rationale but said that “We’re going to help [Tags advertisers] migrate to other products like Boost, which is performing phenomenally well.” My obvious inference is that Tags was a disappointing product and didn’t live up to expectations for Google.

Anecdotal evidence from agencies and SEMs that tried it was that lift was minimal. Google had been selling Tags with its in-house direct telephone channel alongside Boost.

Google continues to be very interested in “offers”/deals (“pre-paid vouchers” was the term Google used) and is going to continue to pursue product development that segment for both PC and mobile.

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  1. Google Toe Tags Tags says at

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  2. Dick Larkin says at

    Why doesn’t this surprise me. A low cost web item with little discernible value and little proof that it works didn’t maintain traction.

    Local ain’t as easy as it looks, even for G

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    For sure…..

  4. Thos003 says at

    Migrate towards boost…. Hmmmm. Sounds like they would prefer to push them in a direction that means more money for them. This is a very sad move for me. I have openly endorsed the tags for most businesses, especially local SMBs. The tags are a good way for small local businesses to break into the online marketing world. It was a good product. It was almost always worth that minimal monthly fee.

    Some more of my thoughts on google boost:

  5. Tim Cohn says at

    Can I get my money back?

  6. Brady says at

    Google’s attempts at local advertising and another one bite’s the dust! I 2nd the motion Google to get truly local you are going to have to come into the market and really make yourself local…can you do it? I bet your going to have a hard time getting it done the right way and a way that will really take hold. Call centers won’t work. Unfortunately those local incumbent yellow page people are intrenched into the local landscape and the products do deliver value? It will be interesting to see what the future brings?

  7. Greg Sterling says at

    Face to face sales at the local level works best

  8. Google Toe Tags Tags : Positively Local Marketing says at

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  10. Ash says at

    It was doomed since the beginning.

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