With SMBs in Mind Facebook Allows Profile-to-Page Conversion

In a move that will simplify life for some (and maybe confuse others) Facebook is allowing individual profiles to become business Pages. This may be targeting the potentially millions of SMBs and sole proprietors that have profiles but not formal fan Pages.

All existing Friends automatically become Fans of a converted profile.

It’s very difficult to know precisely how many SMBs are on Facebook. The number is probably between 3 million at the low end and 5 million today. This is based on extrapolating from various surveys.

Most of these SMBs “on Facebook” probably don’t have formal Pages but have individual profiles instead. As mentioned, this conversion process is probably directed primarily toward them.

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3 Responses to “With SMBs in Mind Facebook Allows Profile-to-Page Conversion”

  1. Yaro says at

    I have worked with numerous small business owners/sole proprietors that have – in a confused rush to get on the FB bandwagon – opened up personal profiles for their business – i.e. instead of a first/last name, they use their business name.

    I think this might be one of the reasons for this move from FB.

  2. Amex and FB Team for SMB Contest says at

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  3. Mihmorandum | Quite a Month in Local Search | Google says at

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  4. jackie says at

    so how about businesses that are individuals? The lines get confused. I have a facebook ‘fan’ page and an individual page. My work and my life are so tangled up and most people seem to end up at my facebook profile. I don’t realise use either page or profile for personal things. Tend to do that in the old fashioned face to face way. But I am not sure that I would wish to transition my page into a business page. As I said, life and art just so tangled up now.

  5. Greg Sterling says at


    I think your situation is not uncommon. How widespread isn’t exactly clear however.

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