SMB ‘Web Equity’ Infographic

Mike Blumenthal developed the graphic below to help communicate some advice to SMBs about what they needed to “own” online. It’s a cool and useful tool, though it illustrates the complexity of being a small business and having to contend with the myriad platforms and tools today.

Read more about it and download the full graphic (there’s more text) on Mike’s blog.

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4 Responses to “SMB ‘Web Equity’ Infographic”

  1. David Weinstein says at

    Great infograph. You completely ignore display advertising, which is in huge demand by local advertisers. That medium, unlike search, promotes brand engagement and can utilize audience targeting and metrics, just as effectively, if not more than search search. Many of the companies I meet can barely maintain a social media presence, let alone stay on top of email marketing, directories or creating blogs.

    Really helpful map by order of importance for SMBs Thanks!

  2. Matt says at

    This chart clearly shows the fragmentation of the local advertising space and how on earth can a small business keep up and manage. I guess it depends on what kind of business you are and where. A restaurant in NYC will be very different from a driveway repair in Little Rock in terms of which media mix to use. I think the print yellowpages are still the best reference for some catagories of small businesses.

  3. James Arthur says at

    What would be cool is a tool to score a SMB’s presence on the factors detailed, perhaps against category averages and then have suggestions on how to raise the score… now that would be a business!

  4. David Hunegnaw says at

    Great infographic, and agree with James Arthur that what SMB’s need is a tool that helps them build, manage, and maintain their online presence.

    Our company, AboutOurWork is a network that helps the 50 million+ small and micro business owners get the visibility they need and make more connections… falling into Blumenthal’s “B to B Social Web” category. 

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