Local Winners & Losers Down on ‘The Farm’

The trusty Andrew Shotland has done some crack analysis (with the help of Quantcast) regarding winners and losers in the immediate post-Farmer era. Here are his partial lists, which show that Farmer is thus far less than perfect . . . (see update below).

Winners (or no change):

  • LocalPages
  • CityData
  • CraigsList
  • Examiner.com


  • Weather.com
  • Manta
  • Yellowpages.com
  • Yelp
  • TheFind

I haven’t done my own quantitative analysis of the impact of Farmer on local. I have spoken directly to a few of the sites that have been hit.

But looking at Andrew’s list, most of the sites in the winners (or no change) category save CraigsList are of questionable value. LocalPages, for example, is an exceedingly thin NAP directory site. And CityData is a nearly worthless aggregator/scraper site. Examiner.com has original content but it’s no less a “content farm” than Associated Content, which was hit.

The sites on the “losers” list are of uniformly higher quality and consumer value (although Manta is a B2B site).

Here’s Searchmetrics’ data on the impact of Farmer (similar to the previous SISTRIX list):

Update: Andrew was premature and got it wrong on some of the sites above; here’s his “mea culpa.”

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6 Responses to “Local Winners & Losers Down on ‘The Farm’”

  1. chris says at

    I think CityData was a “winner” because it has a lot of content in their forums. I know I have seen forum pages come up in searches and its generally been useful info.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    I wasn’t aware of the forums. But the site is unimpressive otherwise and the kind of thing that Google was theoretically trying to purge from page 1

  3. Perry says at

    A personal (conflict disclosed) opinion on Examiner – I do think there’s a distinction between it and AC that is subtle but perhaps important and, who knows, maybe that factors into G’s design.

    From what I see, AC (and Demand Media) is assignment-desk driven content production. Examiner is a branded network of writers who select their own areas of interest/expertise, and are then trainwashed to write in ways that only a BOT would love (and some modest editorial training).

    The content is still more of a random user up than programmed top down; it’s the production middle layer that makes it more akin to AC and Demand Media.

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    OK. Perhaps not quite as “industrial” vs. AC or DM but Examine content from my POV is often quite poor but they also often rank above much higher quality sources. 

  5. Andrew Shotland says at

    In true lame blogger fashion I rushed this post up before realizing that the Quantcast data I was using for some of the sites was not up to date.  So I would remove Yellowpages.com, Yelp, Craigslist, Weather.com & Weatherbug from the list.  According to YP.com, their traffic has been up post-Farmer.

  6. Chuck Reynolds says at

    Manta was pretty dang good for a while there 🙂  

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