Yelp Breaks into comScore Top 50

First here’s December, 2010:

And now the traffic numbers for January, 2011:

Yelp has now shown up at number 45 and Yellowbook was dramatically demoted (from 28 to 50). Yelp probably merited inclusion before this and Yellowbook’s drop is very strange and must indicate some change of methodology . . . or something.

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Greg Sterling, Matt Siltala, Luther Lowe, Chris Silver Smith, Mitch C and others. Mitch C said: Congrats to the @Yelp team for breaking ComScore's top 50 most trafficked websites. […]

  2. logosamorbos says at

    Hey, I’m was wondering if you had any insight regarding the comScore numbers, which show and so close. Google Insights show the search trends to be drastically different, with the search term “netflix” having a much higher search volume than “yelp.” I know that search volume doesn’t translate to unique visitor clicks, but I’m curious about this disparity.

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    I’m unable to explain the discrepancy. Google Ad Planner shows a similar gap:

  4. earlpearl says at


    Sure:  An enormous number of visits to Yelp occur when a searcher looks for a local restaurant, store, or service and discovers a highly ranked yelp listing for that particular search.  Its an attractive search result and the traffic volume reflects the interest in the site and the content:  Reviews!!!

    On the other hand, Netflix is a destination site in its own right.

  5. Greg Sterling says at

    It may be a statement about the relative strengths of their brands. 

  6. David Logsdon says at

    The Netflix discrepancy may be related to the significant contingency of Xbox live users who view their Netflix picks through the Microsoft server.

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