The Kyocera Echo Is Like a Two-Headed Baby

Sprint is introducing a dual-touch-screen device using Android 2.2: the Kyocera Echo. Take a look at the demo below from laptop mag. There are some use cases (maps, email) where it appears to be pretty interesting. But in other ways it looks like a very awkward device.

You tell me. Is this interesting to you or does it leave you scratching your head?

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2 Responses to “The Kyocera Echo Is Like a Two-Headed Baby”

  1. Jim M says at

    I’ve dreamed of this kind of device. More screen real estate is really the only productivity enhancer and for the near term mobile versions of websites will still be suck or just be a subset of the main website so the bigger screen helps web browsing and maps which are major non-phone uses for me. AND I’d like to see the seam between the screens be able to transfer the finger swipe better (on the video it looks like the stops moving when his finger hits the seam).

    that said, I’m not giving up my magic machine (iphone) until the 4G/Verizon iphone comes out. Android just makes me think of any user interface made with java. Square and clunky. though tablet mode vs pc mode is pretty cool until that hinge snaps off 🙂

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  3. Greg Sterling says at

    This is essentially a tablet that fits in your pocket. I think the opening and reconfiguring part of this device is very awkward. Something that is like a smaller version of MSFT Courier (which was killed) or the huge Kno, which opens and closes like a book and has dual screens, would be better.

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