NZ Yellow Pages Relaunches Deals Site

Troubled Yellow Pages New Zealand has relaunched the daily deals site it acquired last year, Groupy:

All the major YP publishers are now doing or considering some form of daily deals. Most aggressive among the North American publishers have been Yellow Media/YPG in Canada and Yellowbook in the US.

One question is whether daily deals complement or conflict with traditional directory advertising models?

What do you think? And do you think that YP publishers are able to compete with the pure plays and other traditional media companies (e.g., newspapers) in the deals game?

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  2. Peter Crowe says at

    Greg, thanks for picking up the news. There is a lot going on in New Zealand that often doesn’t hit the North American radar..
    Some feedback on your post.
    You link in the first para to an article on YPG and Red Flag deals. We are the Yellow Pages Group in NZ – an unrelated company to YPG in CA. Yellow in NZ ( acquired a local deals site 
    I think you will see more IYP’s move into the deals space. There were multiple reasons we entered via an acquisition however one of the key reasons we entered the category was that it is a good strategic fit with our online business. IYP’s monetise the trades, services and many other categories well and generally have strong lookups there. When we looked at where we have great lookups but less than optimal monetization and compared that with the ‘traditional’ deals categories (food / personal care / entertainment / etc) we saw a great fit. Deals are bringing engagement and revenue not available to us otherwise.

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks. I’ll fix the link. Pete: Do you perceive any conflict or tension between your traditional directory products and deals or is deals fully complementary? 

  4. Daily Deals in NZ says at

    Its great to see that the old directory’s are moving with the times and diversifying.

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