Skype Offers Lame $1 Voucher for Outage

So everyone knows that Skype had a major outage and went through a round of public apologies and mea cuplas.

I wasn’t personally affected but many were. This kind of thing reminds one that Skype isn’t a total replacement for more conventional phone service.

There’s a credit voucher offer as part of the above email apology that just went out. But when you go to redeem the voucher you see that it’s worth $1. I’m not sure whether non-US vouchers were of equivalent value. I assume yes.

The apology is good PR but the $1 voucher is almost an insult — though in the aggregate this represents millions of dollars to the company.

It would have been better, in my view, to offer something other than a monetary credit worth so little. For example (just off the top of my head) why not allow users to vote on a list of charitable organizations that this money could have been directed to instead. More good done, more good feeling all the way around.

Don’t you agree?

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6 Responses to “Skype Offers Lame $1 Voucher for Outage”

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  2. Dmitry Pakhomkin says at

    Insult pretty much is the right word here. 

  3. Gina says at

    Well said! I would have much rather have them donate a lump some of money to a charitable donation that would made a difference then to get a credit for $1. I do however think it’s funny that they advertise it as a $30 dollar credit. I guess all the skyping I do is international and $1 credit will get eaten up real quick. With that said, I still love skype for the free video chat that allows me to use it for the grandparents 🙂

  4. Sanjiv says at

    30 minutes sounds better than a buck . . . 

    As s a valued customer of Skype, we would like to offer you a sincere apology and offer you our gratitude with a credit voucher worth a call of more than 30 minutes to a landline in some of our most popular countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan. Or spend it however you like on Skype.

  5. Greg Sterling says at

    Yes . . . but it turns out in practice to be a buck so it feels a bit like a “bait and switch.”

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  7. Evita says at

    I for one appreciate the $1 – it is the thought that counts and the apologies. Accidents can happen (certainly not pleasant) and they could have grovelled and left it at that. $1 per how many million customers? Yes, this gesture is appreciated.

  8. Evita says at

    Did not reply to Greg’s proposal, that instead of giving people $1 that we can opt to allocate it to a charity. A million $ to a charity certainly will make a HUGE difference while the $1 to me is appreciated but knowing that I contribute to make a difference in someone’s live is obviously much more appreciated.

    I think though that Skype needs to already create such a list so that we can just click on a name or choose to redeem such a voucher and we need to hear/see that the money has indeed been allocated to the charity, all of it.

    And it would also be great PR for Skype, especially as its owner Paypal earns 10% each time we buy credit…

    PS: I did redeem the voucher 10 minutes ago but read a comment somewhere that somebody was then charged for the $1… let’s see. If you don’t hear from me then all is well.

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